Campus and Online Business Analyst Degree Programs

business analyst degreeA business analyst degree provides training that enables you to assist organizations to become more efficient and more effective in their operations.  This page tells you how you can find such degrees and training.

What is a business analyst? Companies are using business analysts more and more to improve the way they operate in an attempt to keep up with their competition. The analyst looks at the structure of the organization, assesses the way in which the departments and units interact, and especially looks at the way in which technology is used to assist the organization to operate whilst conducting its business.  So it requires a very special sort of person to be a business analyst.

Studying a degree is a good way for a person to develop a sharp mind and a clear vision for the future of business.  By going through the proper college or university business analyst courses, they will be able to work in consulting and for organizations and companies that do research and development into the future of certain industries and businesses.


Where can you take online business analyst degree programs?

The following is a list of selected schools offering business analyst training (others can be found at at the foot of the page or by using the search boxes):

  • American Sentinel University
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
    • Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems
    • Master of Science in Information Systems
  • Kaplan University Online
    • Bachelor of Science in Business / Management of Information Systems
    • Information Security Postbaccalaureate Certificate
    • MS in Nursing - Informatics


How to be a business analyst

A student who has an interest in a specific kind of business will want to obtain as much knowledge as they can on the subject and be able to research, identify issues and problems, formulate strategic plans and solutions and implement these plans and solutions, along with putting together teams and performing studies. They will prove these abilities when they are given opportunities in the workplace to showcase their special skills and talents.

A career in this field will require higher education. A student will need to know their way around a computer operating system and have efficient office skills. They will need to take courses in computers, information systems, mathematics, research, engineering and business management. They should be good at problem solving, working within a budget and graphing charts and statistics. It is also important that a student keep up with all of the latest technological discoveries and inventions.

Concentrating on a certain industry does not eliminate the options someone will have when they graduate with this kind of degree, it simply narrows down the subjects to eliminate the uninteresting. It is always wise to choose a career in an industry that will keep your interest to minimize the risk of career boredom later on down the road.


What are the prospects for graduates?

Working in analysis will require a person to be well organized and able to work independently and within the framework of a team. There are different areas to choose from once a higher degree is received. The higher the degree that is obtained, the more advancement is possible for someone in this field. At first, an entry level employee will work under the supervision of a trained expert.

After they have proven they have problem solution skills by handling smaller jobs on their own, they will be trusted with bigger and better accounts. This is when business focus is important. As the employee becomes more experienced in the area of expertise they have chosen, they will be able to handle tasks and will eventually take a supervisory position of their own, to become a business analyst manager.

There are several business analyst careers possibilities, e.g., IT business analyst, banking business analyst, and a business analyst in healthcare.  This is an area that can be lucrative, depending on the amount of experience and expertise that is brought to the table. Positions pay to great extent on how much knowledge and schooling a person has, and a business degree would certainly be good in this respect.  A Senior Business Analyst (Computer Software/Hardware/Systems) would earn a salary in the range $75-95,000 per year.  The amount of salary a person should expect also depends on their location.  To find out local or specific business analyst salary ranges, it is best to do some research on the Internet, job advertisements in local newspapers, and in the local library.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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