Taking an On Campus or Online Degree in Economics

a degree in economics for tackling financial cirisesA degree in economics can lead to many business career options with positive outlooks.  This page helps you find out more about the programs, what the courses include, where you can take them, the career prospects, and what you can expect to earn after completion of your degree.

If you enjoy working with numbers and figures, then you might like to pursue a career in economics and work in the field of money management.  This field requires people who are sharp, critical thinkers. They will conduct surveys and create statistical data. They will analyze how people will create services and goods by allocating resources like labor, land and technology. They will monitor inflation, costs and exchange rates to further the business conducted by the company that has hired them.  In these uncertain financial times the need for economists is even greater. 

There are many career options for someone with a business economics degree, including: investment banking, high finance, accounting, and personal finance consulting.  You might also like to look at the finance degree page.


Which schools offer a degree in economics?

Some schools offer full programs in economics whilst others only offer a major in economics.  The following are a few selected schools which offer accredited economics degrees, or closely related finance degrees, that may be suitable for you:

  • Strayer University
    • Associate in Arts in Economics
    • Bachelor of Science in Economics
    • Bachelor of Business Administration Finance
    • Master of Business Administration Finance


What is studied in an economics program?

Businesses rely on having every aspect of their financial dealings worked to perfection, ensuring they are receiving the highest profit and the best quality products and services. This requires clear thinking and a sound knowledge of mathematics.  Mathematics and statistics underpin econometrics, which is the quantitative analysis of actual economic phenomena.

A bachelor degree will provide courses that teach a student the fundamentals of economics. They will be trained to analyze critical data and make financial decisions based on the results of their analysis. They will be taught the necessary tools to deal with issues and will have a good understanding of how money works in society.

A graduate would have a choice of different possible careers in economics.  A program of study would include courses dealing with taxes, statistics, corporate and industrial organizational strategy, marketing, and, of course, accounting.  If a student has a particular industry in mind that he or she would like to work in, it is wise to get as much background education and knowledge in that industry alongside the money and financial aspect.  For any student interested in studying economics at graduate level, it is possible to obtain an economics masters degree or a PhD in economics. 


What jobs are there for graduates?

An economics degree will open up the doors for someone who loves to work with numbers and money, especially in the area of financial services.  Preparing taxes, keeping financial records, handling marketing and processing corporate finances are but a few of the options available.  Personal finance is on the rise and consulting firms are always looking for a bright, new student willing to work hard in the world of finance.

Students of this field should be prepared to work their way through the ranks in the same fashion that other industries do. Entry level jobs in economics are generally available in some way or another and many companies leave room for advancement to management and supervisory positions. More experience, more knowledge and more education will bring higher paychecks and promotions.

The annual salary that someone with an economics degree can expect early in their career is about $70,000, depending on their location and several other factors. It is not an industry that expects any major changes for the next few years, although there may be a slight increase in demand after 2014 and the increased interest in handling personal finance is definitely something to be watched.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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