Educational Psychology Online and On Campus Programs

childrenAre you looking for educational psychology online programs? This page will help you to locate suitable university degree programs.

Educational psychology programs are very popular amongst students. They can be taken at the bachelor level, but are mainly taken at master's and doctoral levels.

This area is very often of interest to those wishing to work as school psychologists, but is also of interest to those wanting management jobs or specialist positions in education, training, testing, or research.  It is also of interest to those wanting to work in academic positions in universities or colleges.

This page has links to schools for students who wish to study their programs online. If you wish to explore the on-campus programs available, go to the on campus programs page


Which schools offer educational psychology?

The following list shows selected schools for educational psychology programs (plus other other closely related programs):

  • Kaplan University Online
    • BS in Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis
    • BS in Psychology - Child Development
    • MS in Educational Psychology
    • MS in Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Capella University
    • MS - Child and Adolescent Development
    • MS - Educational Psychology
    • MS - School Counseling
    • MS - School Psychology
    • MS - Sport Psychology
    • PhD - Educational Psychology
  • University of the Rockies
    • Doctor of Psychology - Sports and Performance Psychology 
    • Master of Arts in Psychology - Educational Leadership
    • Master of Arts in Psychology - Sports and Performance Psychology

Check the other specializations on this site for schools and programs of possible interest.  You can also find more educational psychology programs using the search box on this page.



Other relevant specializations

You may find it useful to consider the programs available in the following areas:


What do you study in educational psychology online programs?

A typical educational psychology program would include the stages of development, psychological foundations of education, instructional strategies, and psychology research testing, methods and analysis. 

A typical Masters program may include the following:

  • Biological Basis of Behavior
  • Contemporary Issues in Psychology
  • Statistics
  • Human Motivation
  • Research Design
  • The Cognitive Approach
  • Psychology of Education
  • Instructional Design
  • Tests and Measurement
  • Psychological Testing
  • The Developmental Approach
  • Culture and Psychology

A thesis may be required in addition or in place of some of the courses.

In a PhD Educational Psychology you can focus your study in an area that suits your professional interests, e.g., developmental science, instructional design, or teaching science.  As an educational psychology doctoral student, you may be required to attend some residential workshops during your program.


What jobs do graduates get?

One can find graduates of educational psychology degree in management jobs or specialist positions in education, training, testing, or research.  With a degree educational psychology, in a job as a school psychologist you could expect a salary ofover US$52,000 (  Graduates with an educational psychology masters can find jobs as guidance counselors, educators, or social workers.

With a doctorate in educational psychology it is possible to obtain faculty positions at universities and community colleges.  In the US, as an Assistant Professor you would earn about US$54,000, as a Associate Professor about US$67,000, and as a full Professor you would earn about US$85,000 - but the competition is tough.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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