Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

if you need guidance, take an entrepreneurship degreeEnrolling in an entrepreneurship degree can provide you with skills and knowledge you need, so that you know what you're doing when it comes to launching your own business.

This page provides more details of the programs, where they can be found, what the prospects are, and more ...

If you feel that you have a talent and idea for business that would be immediately successful if only you had the skills to put your concepts into practice, you may find it worthwhile exploring the option of undertaking an entrepreneurship training online or on campus. Armed with this qualification you would have the knowledge to understand exactly how to go about starting your own business.  You might also like to check the small business education page.

Find out more about the entrance requirements of the school (college or university) before applying for study in the US and Canada.  Request information from several schools and consider the admission requirements list to make sure you have the information and the qualifications they require.


Finding the online entrepreneurship degree program you want

The following provides a list of selected schools and programs in entrepreneurship.

  • Strayer University Online
    • Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration: Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

You should apply for several universities and make sure your list has a range of entry requirements, i.e., higher to lower levels of school grades.  In this way if you don't get into your first choice university, at least you might get into one of the others.


What do you study in entrepreneurship programs?

Entrepreneurship can be studied at all levels from associate degree to doctorate, but most programs are available at masters level.  Very often entrepreneurship is studied as a specialization in an MBA.  As with any educational subject, the topics covered in an entrepreneurship program will vary depending on the institution and the specific degree you enroll in. Most would provide you with content similar to that given in a business administration degree together with modules specifically related to entrepreneurship. 

When checking out the possible programs to take, it is important to keep in mind that you will need to be provided the knowledge and skills to build a vision that would allow you to create a successful start up company. The program of study you undertake would have to develop your leadership qualities and discipline to control the business during the initial stages of uncertainty.  Once the business is off the ground it is essential that you know how to evolve your business plan and reconstruct any areas that are holding the concept back. Record keeping and attention to detail are essential qualities to have. It is vital that you are taught how to have a clear vision whilst also creating back up plans in case of failure.

The program is likely to be interdisciplinary in nature, and include general business courses in: economics, accounting, finance, taxation, business law, business ethics, communications, strategy, marketing and sales, advertising, and human resource management.  In addition, there would be specialized courses in: the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial management, opportunity recognition, business plan development.

In the MBA Entrepreneurship specialization at Jones International University, topics include: business strategies, securing funding, writing business plans, developing marketing strategies, and examining potential markets.  With the DBA in Entrepreneurship from Walden University you cover topics such as encouraging innovation, identifying market opportunities, raising capital, and managing risk and change.


What are the prospects for graduates of entrepreneurship programs?

There is almost no limit to the potential earnings. Entrepreneurship training would arm you with the necessary skills to launch and run a successful business, but the actual profits and income that are derived can vary massively depending on market conditions and the field in which the organisation is based.

Most entrepreneurs start their new business slowly and with the minimal of investment from outside sources. In the US alone, there were almost fourteen million home based businesses in 2009 - you can add to these numbers by studying a degree online.

It's important to keep abreast of the latest technology, startups, trends, and opportunities for small business.  Click here for a free subscription to the Small Business Daily News, which brings together useful information for you.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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