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track events menagementEvent management degree programs are excellent for people interested in pursuing exciting management positions in business, government, or nonprofit settings.  This page tells you more about the training, where you can find it, and what the prospects are after completion.

What is event management?  Event management is the planning, organization and administration of events such as sports races, conferences, leadership retreats, and entertainment shows.  An event manager is responsible for the organization of such events starting from the conceptualization to the planning of the project and the funding and logistical administration of the entire project.  Some managers specialize in particular types of events, e.g., entertainment or sport event management.  An increasingly important one is that of an international events manager, whose job it is to coordinate and make possible an international function. This is often a task that calls for the effective administration of many experts in various fields that relate to the objective of the event in question. Due to the involvement of more than one nation when planning such, it is obvious that international links are inevitable if you are to succeed in such organization.  But also needed for anyone intending to make a career in event planning is training in event management.  If you are interested in this area, you may also like to check the business management degree page.


What is studied in an event management degree?

For the success of any event management training program, one must have the upper hand by qualifying in a host of supporting subjects that will impact directly on the course. For this particular course, any aspiring student should have a good understanding of most of the following subjects; media technology, writing for media, economics of tourists and events, public relations, foreign languages, gastronomy and service marketing.

The event management or event planning degree program aims at equipping the candidate with the relevant skills to be able to plan as well as organize events starting from the conceptualization to the planning of the project and the funding and logistical administration of the entire project.

A program about event management takes about three and a half years to complete. In order to cover the course well, it is often divided into four main themes namely; event operations, business and management, international, and lastly the special studies for event managers.  Students undertaking the program often take part in work experience which involves hands on work. This prepares the candidates with the practical experience and exposure necessary to enable them understand the challenges that they will encounter during the actual working days ahead.  It is also advisable to get a study period in one foreign country and an extra language just to shape you up for future international tasks.


What are the career and salary prospects with in event management?

Once a graduate completes an event management program, there are better prospects particularly now that the world is rapidly becoming a small village and a good number of businesses cutting across national boundaries.  Organizing events therefore has become a common thing and the more the partners involved the bigger the events and the level of planning required. So jobs in event planning are on the increase.

The entry level salary for graduates of event management will vary according to organizations.  After a few years employment in the industry the average events manager salary is about $60,000 per year. This figure for jobs in event management will however increase as the level of experience and the standards of company improve over time.


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