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marketing teamA masters in marketing program provides the basic knowledge and skills for success in the business community. This page gives more details of the programs, provides links to suitable schools where they can be taken, and outlines the prospects for the future.

Marketing degrees are extremely popular amongst students.  This is probably influenced by the very high salaries one can earn and also by the increasing number of positions in this industry.  But to be a high earner, you really need a masters degree.

A masters degree in marketing would prepare graduates for a range of careers in the field of marketing management. There would be openings available in sectors such as service industries, non profit organizations, retail, product development, financial institutions, and more. An advanced degree in this subject is often specialized, which can lead to a greater financial reward when starting a career. A masters degree offers the opportunity to acquire skills that would allow an individual to be successful in the general business community.  If you need to get an undergraduate degree first, check out the marketing online programs page


Finding the schools and masters in marketing programs you want

Always research the information from several schools to find the one for you. Browse the list of selected schools below to find suitable marketing degrees or programs with a marketing major. You can also use the search box here and in the right hand column to find more schools and programs.

  • Click here for more MBA schools and programs in Marketing


What do the programs cover?

Many educational institutions offer two years masters degrees in marketing, though there are some courses that can be completed in twelve months, and others that may be attended on a part time basis thus lengthening the overall timeframe. This page is about those programs that can be completed online, but this web site also has a section on campus programs.

The admission requirements do vary depending upon the school or college. It would usually be necessary to have first of all acquired a bachelor degree in a related field. The masters program would provide information and knowledge relating to various business and marketing concepts. This may include modules on pricing theories, market segments, advertising techniques, retailing, strategic and campaign planning, the principles behind market research, international marketing, and more.

There may also be the opportunity to become familiar with the dynamics that lie behind internet promotions and ecommerce. This is an area that is extremely important in today's corporate world, as most consumers now go online in search of products and services. The program may also require that students spend some amount of time on an internship to put in to practice the theoretical knowledge that is being absorbed.


What are the career prospects?

With an MA marketing or MBA marketing degree under your belt, there are a range of stimulating careers you could take up. Traditional profiles relate to advertising, market research, brand management, public relations and so on. The following job titles are easily within reach of a masters graduate in marketing:

  • An account executive has a role as the middleman between a company hierarchy and their advertising department, they are responsible for developing new contacts and accounts, and maintaining the current business relationships.
  • The profile of a PR specialist is one that would suit graduates holding a masters qualification. A public relations specialist would be called upon to interact with the media and create press releases and speeches.
  • Marketing managers are expected to take command of the overall advertising and promotional strategy, this would involve identifying markets, understanding demand, and the promotion of service and products.

The career outlook for individuals in this sector is positive. The number of marketing degree jobs (i.e., in advertising, marketing, public relations, and promotions) is expected to rise by around thirteen per cent up to 2018, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This trend will be in part due to the increase in the amount of goods and services available to consumers, especially in the online world.

The salary on offer to graduates in this sector is extremely rewarding. As of May 2008, the median salary for a manager stood at $108,580, whereas for a public relations specialist it was $89,430. The best packages were available to those individuals working in IT companies.


Owners of small businesses must pay particular attention to marketing, but sometimes cannot afford to employ a full-time marketer.  Click on the following images to obtain a free subscription to these "Small Business" online newspapers in which you can find tips and ideas relevant to this and other issues you face:


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For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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