Campus-Based and Online Masters in Non Profit Management

business manA masters in non profit management provides you with a qualification to advance your career in this sector.  This page tells you what the programs are and where you can find them.

As the name suggests, a non profit organization would take any funds or money received and use it to drive forward its mission and promote its activities and services.  There are no dividends or payouts to shareholders or investors.  Success is typically measured by the number of people who have been helped, educated, or motivated.  There has been an increase in such organizations as governments reduce their welfare options that were once common place.

A non profit organization faces unique challenges in finding methods to bring in operating finances, maintaining goodwill, and using suitable evaluation tools to ensure success and highlight areas for improvement.  The primary focus of a masters in this field is the goal of building skills and networks that help a not for profit organisation thrive and prosper.  Click here for information about certificates, bachelors and doctorates in this field.


Where can you study a masters in non profit management?

Request information from several schools to find out more about the entrance requirements before applying for study in the US and Canada. Apply for several universities with a range of entry requirements, i.e., higher to lower levels of school grades, so as to maximize your chances of getting into one of them.

The following select schools offer relevant masters degrees.  More can be found using the search boxes in the right hand column.

  • Capella University
    • MS - Management of Nonprofit Agencies
    • DPA - General Public Administration
    • PhD - Management of Nonprofit Agencies


What do you study in a non profit management degree at masters level?

Non profit management masters programs are designed for those who would like to play a leadership role in running a non profit organization.  Such organizations require highly qualified and motivated individuals to ensure they can provide the maximum benefit to society.  Due to the importance that is placed on every dollar received, the individuals working in this field need to have the best possible management skills.

The subjects that make up a non profit management degree at masters level will vary depending upon the educational institution.  But a typical masters (such as the MS - Management of Nonprofit Agencies at Capella University) will include such topics as: strategic planning, entrepreneurship, ethnic and cultural awareness, financial management, and human resources and volunteer management.  Programs will also place emphasis on developing interpersonal and communication skills, intuition, and compassion. 

It is also possible to study non profit management from a psychological point of view in such programs as the MA in Psychology - Non-Profit Management at the University of the Rockies.  One of the good things about taking it online, is that you can study a masters or an mba non profit management whilst continuing to work so there's no loss of yout time for your employer and no loss of salary for you. 


What can you expect to earn after completing a masters?

As of 2009, and according to official data, the pay scale for qualified management graduates working in a not for profit organization is extremely varied, this is a reflection of the type of establishments were vacancies are made available. The lowest income would be on a par with the national minimum wage whereas it is also possible to command a salary of $70,000 per year if employed in a senior position in a well known NGO. The figure would depend on the organization in question, the position that is acquired, level of experience, and final qualification.

This is a field in which there are ample opportunities for trained and caring individuals to develop a lifelong career. Though the positions may not be the most financially rewarding, they do offer a type of satisfaction that is missing from the corporate world today.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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