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An MBA in international business program can put you at the forefront of change as more companies embrace the global economy.  This page provides more details and shows you where you can study these degrees.

The scope of study for this masters program is very detailed and complex and you will need to have met the pre-requisites that include an undergraduate degree in business and have command of a 2nd language in order to qualify for attendance through most schools. As more companies enter the global market, it is becoming necessary for them to include individuals with international business knowledge and expertise on their team. The prospects for this career are growing dramatically.

There are online programs available that provide opportunities for individuals to achieve their goals for a degree with a great deal more flexibility than many land-based schools. However, it is important that an individual who is going to pursue their higher educational goals through an online university, research the schools they are considering and determine the level of work that will be required to complete the program.  You might also like to check out the international business programs page.


Where can you study MBA in international business programs online?

The following is a list of selected schools offering international business MBAs or other programs at masters level with similar majors/specializations. It is a good idea to request information from two or three of them so as to compare content and admission requirements.  You should also consider some of the closely related programs on other pages.  You may wish to apply for several schools so as to make sure that you have ones with a range of entry requirements, i.e., higher to lower levels of school grades.  In this way you will maximize your chances of admission:

  • Walden University
    • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - International Business

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What is studied in international business programs

The focus of this degree is on the diversity and multi-cultural concerns that are related to a global business. Depending on what your major will be in the field, you will be required to meet core requirements such as management, life and social sciences, financial accounting, introduction to micro and macroeconomics, marketing and the legal environment of business.

In many programs the participant will work abroad in an internship program to learn the business culture of the country where they will be working. The coursework and internship for students has been developed to make it much easier for individuals to own, operate and assess businesses on a global scale. The length of the program will vary, depending upon what the major area of interest is, however the program has an average length of 20 months.

When deciding on the focus of your MBA in International Business program, it will be helpful to do some research into the types of companies hiring individuals who have this degree and what the growth opportunities are. Companies who hire individuals with this degree, generally have a growth rate in the 60 percentile and are searching for specific skills and talents. Planning your educational goals to meet the future needs of companies that are expanding to a global market will help you to enter the market at a more attractive income.

MBA students should follow industry news to be prepared for entering the business world after graduation. Click on the image in the right hand column to read and obtain a free subscription to "Business Professional Daily News".


Employment prospects for graduates of international business

Graduates of an MBA or master of international business program are able to expand their careers to a global business market.  There are many career options that include business management, financial advisors and consultants. Other career fields available are in finance, marketing, management, country risk management, and other areas within a company that will have regular interaction globally.

The pay scale for this type of degree will vary depending on the focus of your career. An individual who works on a consulting basis, builds a reputation for being successful in their area of expertise, and has the proper marketing skills to continually expand their customer base, may command over $125k per year. On average, a graduate of a masters in international business who has recently entered the workforce will make between $58k and $75k annually.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below - and remember to request information and compare the admission requirements and course content of several schools before you choose a program.

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