One Year MBA Online and Campus-Based Programs

A one year MBA online program provides a fast, flexible, and convenient way for you to graduate with a much sought after degree. This page has details of what is involved in taking one of these programs and where they can be taken.

The MBA is becoming one of the most popular degrees with professionals. And to be able to complete an MBA in 1 year is especially attractive.  Earning your this degree online is becoming quite popular among many students who wish to gain an edge in their career. Today there are more and more colleges and universities making twelve month MBA online programs available.

Taking an MBA online enables students to study the required material at home. The online universities are quite easy to get access and are technology friendly too. There are several online tools and software programs that are used to help deliver the courses materials, but you don't need to be a technology expert to use these.


Selected MBA online programs

The following is a list of selected MBA online programs, some of them being available as 18 month or 12 month MBAs:

  • Walden University
    • MBA - Corporate Finance
    • MBA - Entrepreneurship
    • MBA - Healthcare Management
    • MBA - Healthcare System Improvement
    • MBA - Human Resources
    • MBA - International Business
    • MBA - Leadership
    • MBA - Marketing
    • MBA - Project Management
    • MBA - Risk Management
    • MBA - Strategies for Sustainability
    • MBA - Technology Management
  • Capella University
    • MBA - Health Care Management
    • MBA - Accounting
    • MBA - Finance
    • MBA - General Business
    • MBA - Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • MBA - Health Care Management
    • MBA - Human Resource Management
    • MBA - Information Technology Management
    • MBA - Marketing
    • MBA - Project Management
  • Colorado Technical University Online
    • Executive Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Health Care Management
    • Master of Business Administration - Accounting
    • Master of Business Administration - Finance
    • Master of Business Administration - Human Resource Management
    • Master of Business Administration - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Master of Business Administration - Marketing
    • Master of Business Administration - Mediation and Dispute Resolution
    • Master of Business Administration - Operations Management
    • Master of Business Administration - Technology Management
  • The University of Liverpool
    • Master of Business Administration (Business in Emerging Markets)
    • Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)
    • Master of Business Administration (Finance & Accounting)
    • Master of Business Administration (International Business)
    • Master of Business Administration (Leadership)
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
    • Master of Science In International Management
    • Master of Science in Global Human Resource Management
  • Argosy University Online
    • Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Business Administration- Corporate Compliance
    • Master of Business Administration- Customized Professional
    • Master of Business Administration- Finance
    • Master of Business Administration- Healthcare Administration
    • Master of Business Administration- International Business
    • Master of Business Administration- Management
    • Master of Business Administration- Marketing
    • Master of Business Administration- Public Administration
    • Master of Business Administration- Sustainable Management
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Accounting MBABiotechnology MBAEntrepreneurship MBAFinance MBAHealthcare MBAHuman Resources MBAInformation Technology MBAInternational MBAManagement MBAMarketing MBA Operations MBASupply Chain MBAOne Year MBA Online.

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What is involved in studying a one year MBA online?

An MBA usually takes two years to complete.  Because the timetable of taking the MBA in one year is so compressed, this degree is not really for people working full-time.  You need to allocate a considerable portion of your week to the program.  There are fewer core courses in this accelerated MBA, and specialized courses are usually applied directly to the workplace.

Admission requirements for the MBA one year degree are strict.  You need a good academic record and at least two years experience to get into most programs. 

MBA students should follow industry news to be prepared for entering the business world after graduation. Click here to read and obtain a free subscription to Business Professional Weekend News and Business Professional MidWeek News.


What are the prospects for a graduate with an MBA?

Even though there is a tight labor market, so many of these people who completed their online MBA one year program may find themselves plenty of employment opportunities as there is an increase for a need of people with this qualification.  However, some employers prefer a two year MBA, so check potential employers first before enrolling.

The benefits of MBA study is that you will gain a lot of knowledge and skills, enabling you to become successful with the edge the online schools have provided you with.  It will give you a clear advantage over many others in your particular field of work.

There is a remarkable success rate for students who have completed their MBA in 1 year online.  It is these degrees that have helped so many students to go on to find gainful employment. And even though the economy is down, with these degrees which are leading to employment, is evidence that there is truly some high value that is placed on this type of education by so many employers.


List of MBA schools and programs

Browse the schools below - and remember to request information and compare the admission requirements and course content of several schools before you choose a program.

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