Online Business Administration Programs for an Important Career

administration buildingOnline business administration programs are probably the most popular programs amongst students.  This page is to help you find out more about these programs, where you can take them, what employers expect, certification, and what you can earn after graduation.

Business administration is an administrative or management role concerned with the organization and smooth running of a company.  All organizations needs people to fill this role, so there are many opportunities for people with qualifications in this field and the salaries are good.  Hence, the programs that qualify people in this area are very popular. 

Many students take an online MBA (Masters in Business Administration), which they can complete whilst still in employment.  Graduates of MBAs do get better jobs and considerably higher salaries.  Online doctoral (DBA) programs are also becoming popular now.  For students who are entrepreneurial or interested in starting their own business, taking an MBA or other masters program is important for learning the marketingfinancial and management skills that are necessary for success.


Where can you study online business administration?

Many schools offer diplomas, associates, bachelors, masters and doctoral programs in business administration and closely related fields.  Here are a select few:

  • DeVry University:
    • Bachelors in Business Administration
      • Accounting
      • Business Information Systems
      • Finance
      • Health Services Management
      • Hospitality Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Operations Management
      • Project Management
      • Sales and Marketing
      • Security Management
      • Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
      • Technical Communication.
  • University of Phoenix
    • BS in Business with specialization in Administration
    • BS in Business with specialization in Public Administration
    • MBA
      • Accounting
      • Global Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Marketing
      • Technology Management
    • DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)


For schools in Canada

  • CDI College (Certificates and Diplomas)
    • Accounting & Payroll Administration
    • Business Administration
    • Business Administration Management
    • Business Administrative Professional
    • Legal Administrative Assistant
    • Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate
    • Oil & Gas Administration
    • Dental Receptionist Coordinator
    • Medical Office Administration
    • Medical Office Administrator
  • Vancouver Career College (Certificates and Diplomas)
    • Accounting and Payroll Administrator
    • Business Administration Management
    • Business Administration / E-Commerce Management
    • Office Administration
  • Reeves College (Certificates and Diplomas)
    • Accounting and Payroll Administrator
    • Business Administration Management
    • Business Administration / E-Commerce Management
  • Click here for a page that links to schools in Canada. It also provides some advice on choosing a suitable campus.


What is studied in online business administration programs?

Most online Business Administration programs include: accounting, microeconomics, strategic management, organizational management, corporate finance and business ethics.

Some programs allow specialization in various majors. For example, DeVry University has a bachelors degree in business administration with majors including: Accounting; Business Information Systems; Project Management; and, Technical Communication.  Similar specializations can be taken in masters (MBA) and doctoral (DBA) programs at University of Phoenix.


What can you expect to earn after completing online business administration?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry-level positions for those with an Associate or Bachelor degree have an average salary of $38,000. Those who have an MBA can expect to earn over $50,000.


For more schools and programs

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You can also search here for business schools and programs.

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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