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Real estate degree programsEnrolling in a real estate degree can provide you with skills and knowledge required for a career in real estate and will also place you in a better position when it comes to launching your own business.  This page provides information on the degrees available, helps you to find a suitable real estate school and program, and indicates what the future prospects are in this sector.

When we want to buy a home or commercial building, the task involves a lot more than simply flicking through a brochure and putting money down on the first premises we find desirable. The selling and buying of homes is often a tricky and complicated business and one that would require knowledge relating to market prices, checking the physical integrity of the building, filing taxes and deeds, and more.

If you have an interest in becoming a real estate agent, you will find more opportunities become available by studying for a real estate qualification.  You might also like to check out the real estate management and property management training pages.


Finding the online real estate degree program you want

There are now a wide range of educational establishments that offer online real estate education.  The following provides a list of selected schools offering programs in real estate.

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  • South University
    • Bachelor of Business Administration - Real Estate
    • Bachelor of Business Administration - Construction Management


What do you study in real estate programs?

The actual type of training you undertake would depend upon which exact area of the industry you would like to have a career in. Though there is no prerequisite to have a bachelor's degree to be employed in the real estate sector, today more firms expect their employees to have advanced qualifications.  The type of degree would play a role in determining which real estate career you could pursue. There is also the option to going it alone and setting up your own brokerage firm.

Property transactions are a lot more complex than was previously the case, you would need to be familiar with local zoning, tax laws, home financing, and title searches.

The online real estate courses or modules that would be studied can be diverse.  Depending upon the nature of the institution, a degree in this sector can provide you with modules relating to law, business ethics, human relations, mathematics, accounting, communication, marketing, property management, banking, and planning regulations.  There are real estate programs availaible at associate, bachelor's and master's levels.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Property Management at Colorado Technical University program also enables you to earn six CTU Academic Certificates: Basics of Accounting, Business Fundamentals, Human Resource Development, Management Essentials, Organizational Systems Improvement, and Project Planning.
The MBA with a concentration in Real Estate Studies from Marylhurst University provides you with the broad foundation of the traditional MBA plus topics in real estate such as: investment analysis, transaction analysis and real estate law.

In the US, in order to work in this sector you are required to have a real estate licence. This is a relative formality as all that is necessary is to complete a written examination.  There are other requirements but these depend upon the state in which you reside. 


What are the prospects for graduates of real estate?

The positions that would be open to you as a real estate graduate are actually diverse.  You may apply for employment as a broker, sales agent, appraiser, assessor, or a building inspector.  Out of these profiles it is the brokers and sales agents who work directly with potential buyers and sellers.  An appraiser would play a role in estimating the overall value of properties, while a real estate inspector would ensure the buildings are safe and comply with local building regulations, codes, and ordinances.

Though the property market took a hit during the recession, today it is an area in which once again there is huge potential. According to information available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, brokers and agents can experience a ten per cent growth in opportunities during the coming decade.
In 2009 the median salary for estate agents stood at $40,000 while for real estate brokers this was $58,000. Those graduates hoping to find employment as building inspectors are expected to see a higher growth of around eighteen per cent with a median salary presently of around $48,000.


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For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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