Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Course Programs

a small business management course can help your business growA small business management course gives you the basics to set up and manage a small business.  It will enable you to secure the stability of a new venture despite the fluctuating economy.  Find out more about where you can find such programs, what's involved and what the prospects are.

Small business management training gives you the basics to secure the stability of a business venture despite the fluctuating economy.  This business might be a new one that you have just started, or one of your own that is well-established.  This training can provide you with the necessary skills and abilities to apply for management positions in other companies as well.

Management is a good field to go into as many companies have high paying positions available for candidates that meet the requirements of the job title.  Positions that are sometimes available could include, retail manager, marketing manager, public relations manager and logistics manager.

As the economic environment is very dynamic you will need to be constantly updating your knowledge and abilities to stay on top. So constant professional development through short and longer courses is required.  Taking a small business course will assist employees to be promoted quicker and could also gain the respect of the company easier.  Also, check out the small business education page.


Where can I study an entrepreneurship or small business management course?

Several schools offer relevant programs leading to an entrepreneurship or management for small business degree, masters degree and even a doctoral degree.  Here are a select few:

  • Walden University
    • Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) - Entrepreneurship
    • Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) - Technology Entrepreneurship
    • M.S. in Leadership - Entrepreneurship


What do I study in a small business management program?

Starting a small business is a complex task that requires knowledge and skills in many areas.  These can be acquired through a small business management program.

The typical modules that you will take can include, logistics management, marketing and communications management, accounting and statistics. Marketing and communications management will teach you the fundamental principles of selling products and services, managing teams and departments and communicating effectively throughout the organization.

Accounting will assist you in budget allocation and cost reduction within an organization. Statistics will help you to work out probabilities on sales, customer retention and other important company objectives. Project management will teach you to develop methods to manage you time properly. It will also assist you meeting deadlines on time with little deviation from the allocated budget.

By combining all of these modules together could allow you to get a greater understanding of the economic spectrum as a whole. It will also give you the tools that you require to do thorough work for the business. This could allow you to personally grow and expand the company at the same time.

By obtaining certificates, diplomas and degrees in these modules could allow you to apply for middle to top management positions within a company. In these courses you will find that they could also offer you practical experience in businesses. This can be done through an internship program that will allow you to work for a business for a period of time. This will help you to learn all the internal working in a real business setting. This will then also give you the experience you could need for job applications.


What are the prospects for a graduates of small business management programs?

With a degree or diploma in small business management, you are clearly well prepared to start and/or run your own small business.  You are also well qualified to run a small business belonging to someone else, or to work in a larger company.  You might not be able to start at the top but it can be a good head start for people when looking for employment in a company.  Companies usually look out for people that have extra education in the position that they are to fill.  By completing a degree or diploma, companies can see your commitment to studying further and also that you have the dedication to take on tasks and responsibilities and complete them.

The average annual income of an office manager in the US is about $39,700 and for a project manager is about $71,200 (payscale.com).


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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