On Campus and Online Sports Psychology Masters

winning the raceA sports psychology masters is an excellent qualification to qualify you for an exciting career assisting athletes to achienve their best performance. This page will help you to find out more about sport psychology study and to locate suitable university online degree programs.

Sports performance, health, wellness and psychology are very often now all linked. It is now fairly common for athletes use psychologists to help them with the psychological aspects of sports training.  And this is hardly surprising because so much of performing well in sport is about motivation, stress, endurance, and will power - all of which are psychological factors.

If you want to specialize in this area, then you need to take a sports psychology masters program.  As a graduate you will be able to seek employment in sports management jobs or in specialist positions in coaching, exercise or health, in private practice, athletic departments or education.

This page contains links to both online and on campus sports psychology programs, in the section below and also at the foot of the page.  If you wish to find out more about studying a program on-campus, go to the on campus programs page.


Which schools offer online sports psychology masters programs?

The following list shows the recommended schools for sport psychology graduate programs (plus other other programs relevant to a career in sports psychology):

  • University of the Rockies
    • Master of Arts in Psychology - Sports and Performance Psychology
    • Master of Arts in Psychology - Health and Wellness Psychology
    • Graduate Certificate in General Psychology
  • Other schools and sports psychology online programs can be found by using the search boxes.


What do you study in sports psychology masters programs?

It is usual to take a sports psychology degree at master's or doctoral level rather than undergraduate level.  A masters will provide you with a foundation in psychology as it applies sport and physiological, motor, and psychosocial aspects of sport behavior. 

A typical sport psychology masters may include the following:

  • Biological Basis of Behaviour
  • Statistics
  • Human Motivation
  • Research Design
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Tests and measurement
  • Psychological testing
  • Human development
  • Cultural diversity
  • Coaching
  • Psychosocial aspects of sport behavior


Other specializations relevant to sports psychology

You may find it useful to consider the programs available in the following areas:


What jobs do graduates get?

One can find graduates of sports psychology online degree in management jobs or specialist positions in education, training, testing, or research.  Graduates of a masters in sports psychology are qualified for jobs as guidance counselors, educators, or trainers, in parks and recreation, colleges, fitness clubs, sports camps, or wellness programs. Graduates of sports administration programs can find jobs as managers and administrators in these areas.


For more schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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