Technology Management MBA Programs

technologyA technology management MBA will provide you with the skills and knowledge that you require to get ahead in this highly strategic field.  This page provides more details and has links to selected schools offering these programs.

Today technology plays an essential role in the business world, and for this reason most companies are actively looking to hire graduates that have the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their business in terms of efficiency and profitability. An MBA in this field combines the business and technology knowledge and skills required. If this is a field of expertise that is of interest to you, you should take a moment to learn about the options for studying an MBA in technology management, and perhaps also look at other masters degrees in information technologycomputer scienceinformation systems and technology management.


Where do you study technology management MBA programs online?

It is now possible to enroll on an online technology management program from a variety of institutions, such as those selected below:

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Accounting MBABiotechnology MBAEntrepreneurship MBAFinance MBAHealthcare MBAHuman Resources MBAInformation Technology MBAInternational MBAManagement MBAMarketing MBA Operations MBASupply Chain MBAOnline MBA.

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What do you study in a technology management masters program?

The topics covered in an MBA in technology management are directly related to the skills and aptitude that are now in demand. An accredited college or university offering such a program would provide lessons and modules related to topics such as: innovative problem solving solutions and skills, basics of global competition, how to recognize opportunities from business convergence, creating preferential technological business advantages, anticipating and analyzing current and future trends, and how to apply leadership skills and concepts into real time work situations.

For example, the MBA in Technology Management at the University of Phoenix Online teaches you the knowledge, methodologies, and tools required for managing complex technology projects, conducting market research, financial analysis, and strategic planning.  The MBA in Information Technology Management degree specialization at Jones International University teaches you about the latest developments in IT, internal marketing, managing knowledge workers, and implementing e-commerce.

As every department within a business now relies heavily on technology, almost every company that is in existence has a requirement for trained professionals to help fulfill the aims and goals of the enterprise. Often there is also the option to specialize in a specific field of technology management such as biotechnology. This would present you the opportunity to help address unique challenges that may not exist in other areas, for example how to introduce new products in an ethical and regulated manner.


What job opportunities are there for masters technology management graduates?

As of late 2009, there were nearly three hundred thousand people employed with technology manager profiles. It is believed that over the next eight years this figure will increase by seventeen per cent. This means that there will be upwards of fifty thousand openings made available over the coming years.

According to official data, graduates holding an MBA in technology management can earn between $65,000 and $165,000 per annum depending upon the exact nature of the position and company. The best paid role would be that of a chief information officer. With a median salary of no less than $100,000 technology management is a career choice that is rarely regretted.

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List of schools and programs

Browse the schools below to find a suitable school and program. Request information from several schools and compare the admission requirements and course content before you choose a program.

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